What is Netball?
NETBALL is the world's most popular team game for women, and is played on all continents, in over 70 countries by over 7 million people. Within the Commonwealth netball has a higher number of active participants than any other sport. It actually began here in the United States as women's basketball in 1895, before it was exported to Britain and the British Commonwealth, which is where it gained in popularity. Netball is a fast, skilful team game based on running, jumping, throwing and catching. Teams may include up to 12 players but only 7 may take the court at any one time. It is an amateur sport, is registered as an official Olympic sport and has been part of the Commonwealth Games program since 1990.

In brief Netball:

·is played either indoors or out on a hard surface by two teams of seven players
·restricts areas in which team members play
·requires goals to be scored by throwing a ball through a ring which is attached to a post
        3.05 meters high.
·requires players to pass or shoot within three seconds
·allows no contact which interferes with play
·restricts the number of steps players may take with the ball 

For a full description of the game and rules please click here: www.netball.org. To actually see the game in action click here to see video of MINCers in action courtesy of NY1 News.


The Manhattan International Netball Club was established in 2000 by women with a love of netball and a desire to build a network of others who enjoy the game. The Club membership has grown ten fold since it was formed and continues to grow rapidly.

MINC caters to competitive and social players. The Club runs weekly practices in Manhattan and regularly fields three teams at local or national tournaments. The aim of the Club is to allow those who participate at a high level achieve their full potential, while also recognizing that the Club provides a strong social network for its members. It balances these aims by having committees focused on coaching and development, as well as committees focused upon social events.


MINC is proud that four of its members were selected for the USA National Squad in 2010. Eight members also trained for the World Championships in Jamaica in July 2003: one of our players was selected in the final team to represent the USA, with two more players selected as alternates.

MINC players have also participated in demonstration netball games at Madison Square Garden in New York, and most recently, at the Prudential Center in New Jersey.

MINC hosted the first netball tournament ever conducted in Manhattan, in August 2004. Teams from around the USA were in attendance along with representatives from the Mayor's office and various news media. The club also hosted a very successful tournament celebrating its 10th anniversary in August 2010.